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Want a Beautiful Kitten to love ... but ...

you are ALLERGIC to CATS?

Not to This Special Breed!


Cat allergies no longer prevent many families
from the joy of loving a kitten
MOST people with asthma and allergies are NOT allergic to Siberian cats.  See the personal story in the video below.


Available Cats &Kittens
     Our waitlist for kittens is growing each day. The waitlist is approximately a one year wait from the time you join and is based on a first come first served basis. The waitlisted families will be updated privately as their name approaches the top and a litter is expected.  Please see our FAQ page for information about cost and how to join the waitlist. 
Get on the waitlist now to plan ahead for next year!

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    A Siberian kitten is the purrrfect pet for a busy family, or a loving companion for a single person. Their friendly personalities mean cats of this breed make excellent emotional support pets.  Siberians tend to be very affectionate and are known to follow their people around; always wanting to be close to their family.
They prefer to be in the same room with their people, seeking out the attention
of their loved ones.    

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All litter birth due dates are approximate and will depend on many natural factors beyond our control.  

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Baby Stormy at 3 months


Grown up Storm at 1 year

   Same circular Hammock ...                           ... She thinks she still fits! 


We specialize in breeding Neva Masquerade  Siberian cats, which are the most beautiful of all

Hypo-Allergenic (low allergen producing) Siberian Cats. 


Our Queens Storm, Thays, and Fraya are all blue Point Neva Masquerade with white as well as our sire Adonis, and their kittens will most likely look generally like them.  We are excited to see each litter, because each individual kitten is unique. 

We wish we had a kitten for you now, but breeders of purebred animals usually have a long waitlist.  Use this time to research the Siberian breed and prepare your home for welcoming your kitten. 

Steps to Getting your Kitten: 


1)  If you have allergies or asthma it is recommended to first test your allergies in your home with a fur sample.

Currently, samples will be created after payment is received.

Send $75 payment for the fur sample/allergy test via Zelle (preferred) just use as the recipient. 

After payment has been sent.  Please email us at to request your fur sample, tell us which method you used to pay, and include your mailing address. So we are alerted to start building your fur sample which usually takes one week plus an additional week for mailing.    


2) Schedule a visit to pet a Siberian cat if you would like to test your allergies in person. This could be with us or another breeder near you.  Please see the Contact page for how to schedule a meeting. 


3) Email us to request the application form.  When you are ready, return the completed application form and pay a $200 deposit to join the waitlist to   


4) Upon being accepted onto the waitlist there is a $200 deposit that will be non-refundable and will go toward the final cost of your kitten.  

5) When you reserve a specific kitten (your pick of the litter based on your position on the waitlist) there is an additional $1000 non-refundable  payment due towards your kitten.  Priority will be given in the order of the date your deposit and application were received. Both payments totaling $1200 will go toward the total purchase cost for your kitten.  

Delivery may be available on a case by case basis and for a delivery fee.

Long distance shipping is available using a third-party click here for one resource. 


Important Notes: A litter of kittens may have 1 to 8 babies, and being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee you will get a kitten at the next “available” litter. If you are number 5 on the waitlist but the next litter only has 4 kittens, you will be first in line for the following litter. You may also pass for one litter to choose a kitten from the next litter.

All terms, prices, and delivery or discounts are subject to change based on market and business conditions at the time of actual sale or prior to finalizing our agreement. With a signed written Kitten Purchase agreement.    

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Call or Text Us:  1(408) 337-6339


Please contact us with any questions not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions page or to request a waitlist application. 

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