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Frequently Asked Questions


Our kittens are ready to join their new families at approximately 14-15 weeks of age. They will have been weaned, litter box trained, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and fully healed from surgery. To ensure you can bring your new companion home in time for Easter or Christmas, we recommend joining the waitlist without delay. Additionally, we rarely offer a fast pass option for those who wish to expedite the purchasing process (details below). 


There currently is NO Waitlist! Priority to choose the desired kitten goes in a first come, first served basis determined by when the $1,000 Kitten Reservation payment is received. You should reserve your kitten as soon as you decide that you want a hypoallergenic, purebred, Neva Masquerade, Blue Lynx Point, Siberian kitten with blue eyes and mostly white coloring. 


These Siberian cats are purebred to maintain their vital hypoallergenic qualities, breed standards, friendly personalities, and beauty which is why they are so very special.


The cost of each kitten may vary depending on many factors but can vary between $2,500-$4,500. The total will include the following required early veterinarian care:

  •         Veterinarian physical exams at each visit and any medical care for issues that arise          while under our care.

  •         Special care for kittens that need extra support to get to weaning, such as syring              feeding 8 times a day around the clock. 

  •         FVRCP x 2-3 doses (needs another in 2 weeks or 1 year) - This depends on kittens          exact age at last vet appt. If the kitten is old enough, we will do the third dose.

  •         Rabies Vaccine (needs another in 1 year)

  •         FeLV/FIV Testing

  •         Microchipping

  •         Spay/ Neutering

  •         Recovery care, post op medication, and close monitoring after surgery for ten days

               or longer as needed. 

Then the kitten is ready to go to your home and be with their new family! 

Once the kitten is with their new family, the new owner needs to take the kitten to your chosen vet within one week of bringing your kitten home in order to get the microchip placed, obtain any booster vaccines needed, and to verify that the kitten is in good health. The next vaccines are due in 1 year (after this update - if needed). 

All cost estimates are subject to change without notice prior to entering into a signed, written Kitten Purchase Agreement with Magic Siberians.


Our price points have been established based on numerous factors including the rarity of our cat breed, rare coloration, superior genetic make up, expenses to import breeding cats, increased costs for breeding rights, top notch daily food and personal care, pet health insurance, wellness care, routine and emergency veterinary care (for laboring mother and/or newborn), as well as the current market prices for all factors which is elevated due to the recent inflation. Our vet costs, food, litter, etc. has all gone up due to inflation and we don't even account for the numerous hours dedicated to raise these kittens for four months including daily feeding, litter box training (and inevitable accident clean ups), cleaning litter boxes, socialization, additional veterinary care, and time spent socializing, just comforting and playing with the kittens because we love them all. 

You are able to space out the payments on a schedule or save up the funds.

Below are the minimum requirements on the kitten payment timetable.

$1000   Initial Deposit with acceptance to the waitlist upon application. 

             This is non-refundable, and holds your place on the waitlist,

             denying others the priority.

$1000   Kitten Reservation Installment 

             This payment is due once you choose the kitten you would like to reserve or

             at least 3 weeks prior to pick up if the process happens quickly as with a

             sale or fast pass.

             If on the waitlist, after the kittens are born, around 6-8 weeks of age, the top                           waitlisted families will be sent photos and a personality description of each kitten.

Remainder - Final installment payment is due when your kitten is 10-12 weeks old and will go towards the early vet care including neutering and vaccines.  

The final payment is variable depending on the total price. The remainder is due in full at least 24 hours prior to pick up, drop off, or other transport of the kitten from our cattery. 


Please also keep in mind while you are considering the financial aspect of this investment, shipping (third party) would incur additional costs.  


You may pick up in McKinney, Texas 75071 for free of course.  


Yes, your kitten comes with a 1-year limited health guarantee in the rare event that a genetically related health problem arises. Both veterinarian documentation of the genetic disorder and verification of continued veterinarian care under your wellness plan will be required. The resolution would be offering a replacement kitten. No refunds will be granted.

Communicable viruses, diseases, other illnesses, injuries, or any problems from a lack of veterinarian care do not apply after the kitten leaves our cattery since those are out of our control. For these reasons we strongly recommend the wellness plan for at-least or the first year and getting pet health insurance like Trupanion, Lemonade, or Fetch to begin on the day the kitten is in your possession or that of your courier.  


We are based about 45 min north of Dallas, Texas.  If you live or can meet in the Dallas area, we offer free delivery up to 15 miles from McKinney, Texas, zip code 75071 (including a local airport with valid flight info) which can save you between $500-$700 in courier services.  You would also have the option to drive to the area and pick up your kitten.


Do you or a family member have cat allergies or asthma?  If so, it is recommended to first order an Allergy Test which consist of a fur sample and detailed instructions to test your allergies at home.  The Allergy Test is $75 (payable through Zelle or Venmo using the email address as the recipient). 

Refunds or returns cannot be granted if allergies are discovered after purchasing a kitten. So, please do your due diligence to figure this out before hand. The fur sample may take 1-2 months to arrive because sometimes cats shed a lot, and other seasons they shed much less. Once your order is placed we start working on building it.



Email us to request the application .pdf form.  The application is nothing scary.  It will just help us know your needs and preferences.  When you've completed the application, return it and pay the $500 non-refundable deposit.  Your name will be placed on the waitlist for the next litter with available slots. If you are interested in getting your kitten/s asap please ask if there are any fast pass slots available. Sometimes they come up if someone on the waitlist drops off for some reason, like a family emergency.    



In order to actually get on the waitlist, please return the application with the initial deposit of $1,000 (payable through Zelle using our phone number (469)584-1894 as the recipient. Once payment is received and your application is approved, your name will be placed on the waitlist in the order of date the deposit was received or based on fast pass plan purchased. 


Yes! Since there is no waitlist at the moment you can reserve whichever available kittens you want. Upon reserving a specific kitten there is a $1000 (per kitten) non-refundable installment payment due.  


When the waitlist returns: Please note a litter of kittens can have 1-8 babies and being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee you will get a kitten at the next “available” litter.  If you are number 5 on the waitlist but the litter only has 4 kittens, you will be first in line for the following litter.  You may also pass for up to two litters and choose a kitten from the following litter. We do not guarantee our best estimates of when you will get a kitten since there are so many natural factors beyond our control such as female heat cycles, survival rate of the babies born, how many litters the queen has had in a given 12 month period, and health/death of the breeding queens or studs. Our queens are our pride and joy! We must give them breaks in breeding to replenish their bodies, mind, and spirits to be ready for another litter. We do this because we are passionate about bringing hypoallergenic cats to people that otherwise can't have a pet, and we love the breed, babies, and adult cats. Please be patient in waiting on the waitlist. Waiting until 14-15 weeks is what responsible breeders do. Releasing a kitten prior to 14 weeks is too early and risks behavioral problems (peeing/marking repeatedly outside the litter box, scratching, biting, improper play, anxiety, excessive stress responses, and other developmental delays) down the line due to improper socialization with their mother, litter mates, and humans in their home of origin at the early impressionable age early in life. Also, responsible breeders do not allow kittens to leave the cattery without being neutered. This is to preserve the purity of the breed and not contribute to the over population of cats endemic in the US. If you are not allergic to cats we encourage you to explore all adoption options in your area before ordering a purebred kitten. We specifically breed these kittens to provide an option for allergic/asthmatic people to be able to finally have a pet. If you are so fortunate to not be afflicted, please consider adopting from your local shelter. Of course we will work with any family wanting a Siberian, but it's best to try adopting first if you don't have allergies since there are many lovely cats and kittens in the shelters.    


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